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It started with a pint!

Businessmen, farmers, publicans, but first lovers of good ale!

About us and South Hams Brewery

Brewing is now a family affair, Mark, Sam and Olly Brooking brew the beer. The brewery is now run by Sam Brooking. The position of head brewer is vacant!

The brewery, formerly Sutton Brewing, moved to its present site in 2003, with a 10-barrel plant and plenty of room to expand. It supplied more than 60 outlets in Plymouth and South Devon. Wholesalers are used to ditribute to other areas. The brewery is a member of SIBA.

A love for real ale

Why is real ale the best? its all the good stuff, less the artificial crap that they put in commercial beers. Made in the traditional manner, with hops.... Making what the punters want Along with our long standing classics such as XSB, Eddystone and Pride, we also have several seasonal ales for the changing climate and palettes.

For all enquiries about South Hams Brewery, our range of beers, orders and deliveries please contact us on 01548 581151 or email us on


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